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General information and history

Centre for Theoretical Physics and Astrophysics (CTPA) - is the research centre in Tashkent, Uzbekistan.

The founder and director - Zahid Zakir.

CTPA has an office in Tashkent and the conference centre in a mountain resort Charvak at 70 km from Tashkent (height under sea about 1000 m., near to the Charvak water basin).

Mail: 11a, Sayram Str., Tashkent 100170 Uzbekistan.

Phone/Fax: +99871-267-69-98



Principles and functioning mechanisms

The main activity principle of CTPA is independence of the Centre and researchers from

Separate researchers and research groups in CTPA and associated with CTPA researchers spend for the account:

Grants and means of sponsors are welcomed, but only under condition of preservation of freedom of researchers in their scientific activity.

On complete researches or their stages in which essential results are received, CTPA concludes with authors contracts on

of their results.

CTPA pays initial and periodic compensations from sale of the corresponding

Research directions

CTPA supports research programs in four basic directions:

CTPA supports also research on

Structure and research projects

Research groups or separate researchers working on a definite direction can operate independently or to be a part of scientific departments.

Scientific achievements

In CTPA following new methods and theories have been developed:

  1. A new mehtod of quantization of charge-symmetric systems without zero-point energy.
  2. The harmonic rotator model (new name proposed for me) which appears as a physical interpretation of previous method.
  3. The finite renormalization method on the basis of cutting at the Planck energy due to the gravitational redshift of frequencies.
  4. The theory of classical non-dissipative diffusion explaining the formalism of quantum mechanics as a particular case of such diffusion in the physical vacuum.
  5. The theory of gravity as a quantum diffusion.
  6. The consistent theory of the gravitational collapse in general relativity - the frozar theory - excluding the black holes and their evaporation.
  7. The theory of glowsars - quasi-stable collapsed stars - and the relativistic explosion.
  8. The Basic Model for relativistic cosmology as a closed universe in 4-space, which do not contain an initial singularity and free on the flatness and horizon problems.
  9. The string theory without conformal anomaly which can be quantized in a spacetime of arbitrary dimensionality.

Seminars and webinars

Scientific seminars of CTPA up to the middle of 2015 were spent in the form of joint seminars with operating seminars of other institutes and universities where research results of CTPA were reported and discussed.

Joint seminars will be spent further at representation of results of research in CTPA in other cities.

In Tashkent beginning the second half of 2015 start to operate 3 scientific seminars of CTPA on:

Videorecordings of CTPA seminars will be exposed on a web site and further discussion will proceed in a webinar format.

Lecturers being in other cities also can to report in webinars of CTPA.


In Uzbekistan CTPA will annually organise the international conferences on

Scientific publications

CTPA publishes the scientific journal:

"Theoretical Physics, Astrophysics and Cosmology"

in English and Russian languages each in print and electronic formats.

Publication list of results of research in CTPA in 2001-2015 includes more than 40 articles.

There are under prepation for publication in 2015-2017

in Russian and English languages.

Popularisation of science and educational projects

Several popular level scientific books are under preparation.

Since 4-quarter 2015 the popular scientific and educational web portal and telecasts on the physics and astronomy will start.